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With over 30 years experience with abrasives and manufacturing production we are in the perfect place to work with your business to find the most beneficial abrasive products and methods for you.

Working with UK Abrasives will give you access to the latest abrasive technologies, the fastest methods, on-site assistance and free product testing.

As we are an independant company we can select exactly the right product for you. Speed, high production, long life, these advantages will benefit your company by helping you retain more of your profits and hitting your production targets.

In addition we have a unique focus on health and safety. Our aim to provide the most user-friendly abrasives available for your worker comfort, occupational health and safety. Our state of the art abrasives offer low vibration, low noise, low dust for unparalleled user protection.


Eliminate occupational health issues with the safest abrasives. We focus on people by offering vibration, noise, emission and haptic filters.


Independently tested products from world class brands ensure you get the best quality abrasives at competitive prices. Improve your production with ease.


Over 30 years of using abrasives in manufacturing we have the knowledge to actively help our customers with their production.


We are constantly reviewing our products and exploring ways we can help our customers retain more of their profits. Ask about our free abrasives appraisal.

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We care about giving you value for money, great service and products that actually work for you.

We can work with you to help speed up your production, improve abrasive safety and hit manufacture times.

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